Our products offer includes 2 major groups:





  The plates are made of aluminium sheet which thickness is from 0,4 to 3 milimeters. These plates are long-lasting, resistant to scratches, atmospherical conditions as well as solvents, greases, acids and alkali solutions and the like. They can be of different colour. The ready-made plates have smooth surface and are very esthetic.   The plates can be made of stainless sheet, acid – proof or brass. Their thickness can be from 0.4 to 3 milimeters. They can be of different colour.
The nithes are created in the sheet during the proces of production and they present the needed graphic or letter which are later filled with the paint. The nitches are touchable on the ready – made plates. The plates are long – lasting and estetic.

All our plates can be equipped with additional parts such as sticky two – sided tape, protective foil, holes of different shapes and sizes, rounded corners and the like.

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